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Rent a Hyundai i10 Mykonos

We have a fleet of 180 cars that are all new models and equipped with high tech, including economy class, specialCabrio, and luxury vehicles. Our different categories of cars provide you the flexibility to travel in style.

Our commitment to our prime clientele is to provide high quality services, while our goal all these years has been to fully meet the visitors’ needs, for an unforgettable holiday experience in Mykonos.Send now your request to rent a Hyundai i10 in Mykonos.

Why do you need to rent a car in Mykonos?

Mykonos is a breath-taking place to wander around. There are endless options worth exploring – beach clubs, night clubs, restaurants, luxury villas and hotels, marinas, exotic bars, shops, and many more to make your quality time worthwhile. However, exploring the beautiful city requires you to rent a car because there are only 20 taxis on the island. Many visitors are impatient and you are no exception, right? You, of course, do not want to wait even half an hour to reach your destination. Thus, you cannot rely on the limited number of taxis out there. For that reason, opt for a luxury car Mykonos rental that provides maximum comfort and convenience.

You might be visiting Mykonos for a business purpose, car rental service can add to smooth operations of your trip during your stay on the island. You will no longer need to wait in a queue for a taxi. As a result, focus all your energy on what matters the most instead.

Attention:Possibility of delivering a car to the airport, port to your hotel or villa or airbnb apartment.

Attention:To deliver your car to your location from 9pm to 8am you have to pay an extra charge 20‎€ because it goes beyond business hours.

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Radio CD/MP3
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